How to Manage and Dispose of Your Office Waste

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How to Manage and Dispose of Your Office Waste

Waste management practices are becoming popular in residential areas. But, as a matter of fact, waste management is not limited to residential areas. After all, waste is generated everywhere.

When we talk about commercial places, a lot of offices still use have heaps of paperwork, packaging and other activities that ultimately create waste on a daily basis.

If you own a business or are responsible for running the administration for an office, you must be aware of the quantity of waste produced in your office.

So, how do you manage this waste? What are the disposal options that you resort to in order to keep your surroundings clean and healthy?

With a planned waste disposal technique, you can free up more space, time and even resources in your office.

Moreover, it is also better for the environment and community at large.

So, if you are considering having a proper waste management system for your workplace- we can help you with solutions.

To begin with, you need to identify the types of waste that your workplace is generating. Let’s have a quick look at some of the most common wastes found in commercial offices or workplaces.

Most Common Waste Types Generated in Offices

Knowing the type of waste can help you plan your waste disposal methods. You will be then able to segregate them into different categories like a general waste, recycling waste, food waste and other categories, depending on the rubbish produced by your office.

The most common type of wastes that commercial places produce are:

  • Paper and printing products
  • Office equipment
  • Cardboard
  • Printer cartridges
  • Plastic bottles
  • Cans
  • Packaging
  • Electrical equipment
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Other miscellaneous waste
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Ways to Manageand Dispose of Your Office Waste Effectively

Remember the three Rs – reduce, reuse and recycle to start your commercial waste management project.

Here area few practical ways to help your business reduce and manage waste in a better way.

#1 For Paper and Printing Products

Paper waste is most common in an office environment. But, reducing this waste can save you from incurring expenses. If you generate less waste, you are likely to need less space when it comes to a skip bin hire in Melbourne which will ultimately help you in reducing the costs of hiring a bin even further.

Some quick tips to reduce the paper and printing product waste in the office:

  • Try using both the sides of the paper.
  • Separate the paper products that you can recycle.
  • Focus on soft copies while drafting the documents and communicate via e-mail.
  • Store manuals like employee handbooks online.
  • Reduce the use of paper towels by providing air dryers or the reusable towels.
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#2 For Office Equipment and Supplies

n this fast-paced technological world, upgrading technology is important. Everything from desks to computers will demand an upgrade at regular intervals. This results in equipment waste.

However, it is costly to upgrade equipment and even costlier to dispose of the older equipment.

How about reducing these costs by managing the office equipment turnovers and the waste simultaneously?

Some quick tips on how you can handle the waste generated from the office equipment:

  • Buy used furniture to reduce the overall waste in the community.
  • Buy used, but efficient models of copiers, printers and faxesinstead of new ones.
  • Recycle the supplies and equipment by hiring skip bins.
  • Acquire high-quality, durable equipment to avoid frequent purchases of the new equipment.
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#3 Miscellaneous Waste

Pantry and water stations are common in every office. These places also tend to generate a lot of waste. Similarly, other wastes generated by cleaning supplies can also bother when not used properly. In a nutshell, not managing waste from pantries can create a messy look, but can even pose a threat to the hygiene for employees.

Hence, managing office pantry waste is very important.

Some quick tips to assist you in managing such miscellaneous yet harmful waste:

  • Provide reusable utensils and dishwares.
  • Lessen the use of plastic glasses and bottles by providing eco-friendly and reusable water bottles to your employees.
  • Ensure cleaning supplies remain intact when not in use.
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General Waste Reduction Tips for Your Workplace

  • Separate the different types of waste – It is imperative to identify the waste type so that you can decide what to be recycled, what can go in a skip bin , and what to be reused.
  • Set up a waste reduction program – Appoint a waste management coordinator who can further identify local recyclers while establishing a program that reflects your business needs.
  • Review your products – You can make considerable savings here. Using reusable or recyclable materials in packaging can prove beneficial to your business. Additionally, reviewing your products may help you compare the cost of disposing of the materials against producing or purchasing them.

Use Skip Bin Services To Manage Office Waste

The important uses of skip bin hire services and waste management is to reduce and dispose of the waste in a better manner.

This is possible when the workplaces start using eco-friendly products and materials. Buying the eco-friendly products will often come at the same price, but they might be easier to dispose of and less harmful for the environment.

Analyse the general waste produced by your business and based on the quantity; hire a skip bin service that can ensure a proper disposal method.

If you are wondering how much will it cost you to hire a skip bin, here’s some help.

Kwik Bins is a one-stop waste management service offering economical, top-quality rubbish removal and recycling service. Contact the team today at 1800 766 246 to find the best waste management solution for your business.

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