How Do I Know Which Skip Bin Size I Need?

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How Do I Know Which Skip Bin Size I Need?

Hiring a skip can be very convenient, especially when moving, clearing your property or during a home renovation.

When Will You Need a Skip Bin?

  • Bathroom or Kitchen Renovation
  • Moving House i.e. Relocation
  • Home Extension
  • Deceased Estate Clearance
  • Excavation Projects

Instead of loading rubbish into a car or van for endless removal trips, it is best to hire a skip in Melbourne so that you can concentrate on other important things. However, you need to determine the right size of your skip and important factors while hiring a skip bin in Melbourne, to ensure that all the rubbish fits in. Perhaps, the importance and benefits of hiring a skip bin of the right size are myriad.

Here’s a How You Can Determine the Right Size For A Skip Bin Hire

It is always recommended to go one size bigger if you are not sure, majorly because you tend to underestimate the amount of rubbish than it actually turns out to be.
Let’s first understand what fits in a cubic metre to give you with an idea.

  • An armchair equal to approximately half to one cubic metre
  • Seven to ten microwave ovens is approximately equal to one cubic metre
  • A two-seater sofa or lounger takes about approximately two cubic metres
  • A larger, three-piece sofa set is equal to approximately three cubic metres
  • A table and six chairs would take approximately take two to three cubic metres

There are various sizes available for skip bin hire Melbourne. They range between 2 cubic metres to 31 cubic metres. It can be difficult to visualise the different skip bin sizes, so we have put together a skip bin size guide that will help you in making the right choice for skip bin hire in Melbourne.

1) 2 cubic metres

If you have small clean-ups, the skip bin of 2 cubic metres will serve the need. It comes with the capacity that is similar to 2 standard box trailers or 8 wheelie bins approximately.

2) 3 cubic metres

The skip of 3 cubic metres size can hold a load of about 3 standard trailers or 8 wheelie bins approximately. It usually comes with the lockable lids and is a budget-friendly option for small clean-ups.

3) 4 cubic metres

This small skip is suitable for minor small renovations. It has the capacity of 4 standard box trailers or 16 wheelie bins approximately. This skip bin is a popular choice for those who are renovating certain parts of their home, which can lead to a lot of excess rubbish.

4) 6 cubic metres

This is a medium skip which works best for medium renovations. It has the capacity to hold the rubbish equivalent to 6 standard box trailers or 24 wheelie bins approximately. This is popular amongst the builders as they have a huge amount of waste to dispose of and the 6 cubic meters serve them as one of the cheapest skip bins Melbourne.

5) 8 cubic metres

It is a medium skip again suitable for medium renovations and has the capacity of about 8 standard box trailers or 32 wheelie bins approximately. They are an ideal size for large home spring cleans, green waste removal, grass clippings, garage junk declutter, landscaping, home renovation or large-scale clean-ups of the property.

6) 10 cubic metres

This is a medium to large skip suitable for many different applications. It has the capacity of around 10 standard box trailers or 40 wheelie bins approximately. They are perfect for de-cluttering a large house.

7) 12 cubic metres

This is a large skip, suitable for various renovation projects. It has the capacity of around 12 standard box trailers or48 wheelie bins approximately. It is used by industries that follow the practice of collecting scrap metal as well as different types of industrial waste but can even be used domestically for all big jobs.

8) 15 cubic metres

This is quite similar to the 12 cubic metres skip with more capacity to stuff the waste. It is suitable for renovation projects and has the capacity of around 15 standard box trailers or 60 wheelie bins approximately.

9) 20 cubic metres

The skip bin of 20 cubic metres is very large and is suitable for renovation projects. It has the capacity of around 20 standard box trailers or80 wheelie bins approximately. This size of skip bins is used where a lot of material needs to be dumped or even where earthmoving is involved.

10) 25 cubic metres

The 25 cubic metres is of a large and can store waste similar to that of 25 standard box trailers or100 wheelie bins approximately. You can hire this size of skip bin when there are major building works or large house clearances.

11) 31 cubic metres

This skip bin of 31 cubic metres is generally used for activities like commercial excavation and earth dumping. It stores rubbish similar to that of 31 standard box trailers or 125 wheelie bins approximately.

Choose the Right-Sized Skip Bin

It is best to calculate the volume of your rubbish. Pile up your waste, measure its length, width and height and consider the costs of a mini skip bin accordingly.
Alternatively, if you want to avoid these hassles, simply call Kwik Bins. Our expert team will help you identify the right bin size and also offer you a skip bin hire service for all your rubbish removal needs. Choose the cost-effective and efficient skip bin hire service. Call us at 1800 766 246.

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