How to Make the Most of a Skip Bin Hire Service?

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How to Make the Most of a Skip Bin Hire Service?

Hiring a skip bin is an ideal way to get rid of rubbish accumulated due to house renovation or a garden upgrade. Generally, the builders, construction workers or the commercial cleaners hire a skip bin to make their task of waste removal easier.
But even you, as a homeowner can resort to this effective waste removal method for different purposes like DIY garden work or home clean-outs.

Hiring A Skip Bin – What Does It Involve?

Hiring a skip bin for domestic use is not that frequent, so it becomes imperative for you to understand some important factors like the nature of your cleanup project and the size of the skip bin.
This will, in turn, help you make a right choice.
But, you need to consider a few things while hiring a skip.

Tips on How to Use a Skip Bin Productively

Here are some tips that will help you make the most of your skip bin hire service.

1. Choose a Suitable Spot to Place the Skip
Placing the skip bin on your property will avoid the hassle of getting a council permit. Always remember, the homeowner’s association or body corporation will have some specific rules and guidelines that you will have to adhere to. You cannot put the bin where it can obstruct the traffic.
It is best to check with your skip bin company as well as your local council to ensure that you are complying with rules.

2. Identify the Type of Waste
There are different kinds of waste for different projects, hence it is best to first identify your waste type before hiring a skip bin. Doing so will not only help you to identify the skip size but also the right skip type which will ultimately avoid incurring additional expense.
You can separate your rubbish into different piles like general waste, green waste, building waste, recyclable and can further decide on your disposal options. You should know there are certain things that cannot be disposed of in a skip bin. Here’s our blog about – Things you can put in a skip and what you can’t.

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3.Consider Various Options for Disposal
If you have categorised your waste type, you clearly know what waste you want to get rid of. So, the next thing to consider is how to get rid of it. Sometimes, it is better to dispose of certain waste like white goods or old mattresses separately and not in a skip bin. As these have a different set of guidelines to dispose of.
It is best to check with your skip company about convenient disposal methods.

4.Explore Recycling Options
Not all waste needs to go to a landfill. You can even recycle some of them like green waste. Separating such waste can not only help you save money, but it can also contribute to the aim of creating an eco-friendly environment.
So, if you think that your cleanup work will generate different kinds of waste, it is better to make the required arrangements of the skip bin in advance.
You can further discuss your recycling options with your skip bin company. Probably, they will recommend you to opt for two smaller sized bins, rather than one big skip bin.

5.Consider Hiring More Than One Bin
Sometimes,it is recommended to hire two small bins, rather than settling for a big one. As there may be a different type of waste, it is not feasible to stuff everything in one bin.
Moreover,you have to pay according to the weight of your waste, so hiring an additional bin for certain waste types may turn out to be cheaper.

6.Avoid Overfilling the Bin
Over-filling skips can turn out to be illegal and expensive. When you are loading a skip bin, it shouldn’t go above the rim. This is a government norm to maintain health and safety of the public. So, it is important not to fill the skip beyond its dimensional limits.
Moreover, think of you driving behind a truck transporting a skip with waste falling out! Would you feel safe? Your answer will help you avoid overfilling the skip.

7. Fill the Skip Bin a Day Prior to Pickup
The standard skip bin hire period can vary anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. Depending on your requirement, the skip bin company will arrange a pickup. So, as soon as you complete your cleaning work, the first thing to do is to categorise the waste and start filling up the bin.
As skips can be collected at any time of the pickup day depending on the schedule, make sure you are through with the skip bin work prior to the pickup.
Moreover, think of you driving behind a truck transporting a skip with waste falling out! Would you feel safe? Your answer will help you avoid overfilling the skip.

Sort Your Waste and Organise It Thoughtfully

Ensure that you are not wasting the valuable space of your skip bin by placing the items that you could be recycled. The skip bin hire company can assist you in organising the waste appropriately. With conscious waste management methods, you will not only get the right skip bin size and type, but you will also save a lot of money by disposing of waste in an ideal way.
If you are looking for a reliable skip bin hire service, Kwik Bins has to be your ultimate choice. Get in touch with the team on 1800 766 246 to book the best skip bin solution for you.

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