Do’s and Don’ts When Filling up Your Skip Bin

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Do’s and Don’ts When Filling up Your Skip Bin

So, you are almost done with your renovation project and now you have a massive clean-upjob to handle.

Well, it’s time to hire a skip bin.

Skip bins are a great help when it comes to disposing of your waste and rubbish. But there are many things that you will need to consider during the entire process of hiring and using the skip bin, like:

  • What size of the skip bin do you require?
  • Are there any weight restrictions?
  • How will you ensure that you are making optimum use of your skip bin?

Here’s a comprehensive guide that will answer all these questions related to skip bin hire in Melbourne.

Firstly, it is important for you to identify the type of waste that you plan to put in the skip bin. This is because there are certain types of wastes that are prohibited in the skip bins. Here’s a blog post about that. Moreover, knowing the type and amount of waste can even help you in determining the size of the bins.

Classification of Waste for Skip Bins

Generally, there are five types of waste that can go in skip bins:

General Waste

The general waste includes all the household and yard rubbish. This can include – wood, cabinets, toys, recyclable plastics, clothes, documents, paper, glass, cardboard, carpet, tree stumps up to 30cm in diameter and much more.

Clean fill/Soil only

This waste includes dirt, soil and sand. You cannot use skip bins for rocks and pebbles.

Bricks, concrete and tiles only

This waste is generated majorly due to some construction or renovation work. So, you can hire the skip bin to dispose of them accordingly.

Green waste

Green waste is all about organic waste like grass, branches, shrubs, barks, yard clippings and so on.

Steel and aluminium

This waste may be industry-specific where metals are used in big quantities. The scrap which further needs to be disposed of can be done easily with the help of a skip bin.

So, depending on your waste type and size, you should hire a skip bin.

The next question that may pop up here is – How to make optimum use of a skip bin?

What Should You Do to fill Your Skip Bin Optimally?

#1 Choose the right skip bin according to the waste generated

As mentioned above, you will not only need to define the type of waste but even the size. Skip bins come in a range of sizes according to the applications and prices vary depending on the size you choose. So, once you get an idea from the accumulated waste, group them by size and shape. This will further help you work out on how you can make the best use of the skip space.

#2 Disassemble the bulky items

Due to their design, some items are bound to use excess space than others, despite weighing less. For instance, the items like workbenches, old table tops or garden trimmings will take ample amount of space, leaving a little room for other products that are likely heavy – like bricks, tiles or plumbing pipes.

It is best to disassemble the heavy items – like, removing legs or arms from damaged furniture or disassembling the appliances to make space for other items.

#3 Organise your rubbish thoughtfully

Organising thoughtfully will help you pack your skip bin tightly and efficiently. Start with flat objects like plywood, sheet metal or unwanted plywood by ensuring that they are placed in the same direction.

Next, place heavy and bulky items like old table tops and other household junk. Try to remove arms and legs from furniture and disassemble old appliances so that you can make enough room for other things.

The lightweight items like paper and green waste can conveniently sit on the top. Lastly, while filling up your skip bin, make sure to distribute the weight as evenly as possible. This will reduce the risk of the skip bin tipping over once it gets full.

#4 Take note of the weight restrictions

It is recommended to discuss your options with the skip bin provider in case you think the weight will exceed the limit as you may need to pay extra charges. Where you have a different type of waste, you can even opt for separating the heavy items to different bins so that the weight gets evenly distributed.

#5 Do keep an eye on your skip bin

If you have placed your skip bin on a street, there are chances that your neighbours or passers-by may think that it’s free for all. You may even encounter instances when they might have thrown their trash into it. So, you need to be careful here. It is best to place the skip within your property so that there is no room for such confusions.

What You Should Not Do When Filling Up A Skip Bin

#1 Do not mix different types of waste in a single bin

As mentioned earlier, you should strictly follow categorising your waste. The types of waste have already been grouped and that is why it is necessary for you to first identify the waste generated and further decide on the respective bins.

#2 Avoid over-filling your skip bin

You need to make sure that the skip bin cannot be filled above the rim. It is legally not allowed. The government’s health and safety legislation say that it is illegal to transport any type of waste container beyond the specified dimensional limits. The major reason is that overfilled skips can be risky to travel and no company would want to incur a heavy fine for this reason.

#3 Don’t put any prohibited waste in your skip bins

There are certain wastes that are not allowed to go in skip bins. Some of them include – chemicals,liquids, oils, gas cylinders, batteries, empty chemical containers, explosives and other hazardous materials. For example, if you think that your rubbish contains asbestos, it is advised to discuss with your skip bin provider, who will further assist you.

Let Your Clean-up Project be Hassle-free

Dispose of your waste in an eco-friendly manner. Take some time to consider if any of your rubbish can be sold, donated or recycled.

It is best to take the assistance from a professional skip bin service as they can guide you properly.

Kwik Bins is one of the leading skip bin providers known to offer top quality as well as affordable rubbish removal and recycling service. We are dedicated to providing you with conscious waste management solutions by ensuring you that the collected rubbish will be recycled wherever possible.

So, if you have a project coming up that demands skip bin hire service in Melbourne, you know your pick. You can reach us on 1800 766 246 if you have any questions for us.

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