An Advanced Guide for Reducing & Removing Green Waste

Reducing & Removing Green Waste
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An Advanced Guide for Reducing & Removing Green Waste

A garden full of beautiful plants and flowers can increase the aesthetic value of your home.

Whether you have a few pots in your balcony or a full-grown garden – they need maintenance.

Every garden needs a bit of pruning, planting or landscaping which create an ample amount of garden waste. So, how can you dispose this green waste?

Well, the answer is – skip bin hire. It allows you to easily dispose your garden waste, making gardening more enjoyable.

Classification of Waste for Skip Bins

1. Proper Lawn Care

This may seem obvious, but one of the best ways to reduce the amount of garden waste is by properly caring for your lawn. Lawn takes up a significant amount of garden space and also generates a large amount of garden waste.

If you prefer having your lawn covered with natural grass, then you need to take proper measure to maintain the grass, ensuring that they stay green for a long period of time. Moreover, when you mow, confine yourself to the top 1/3 of the grass. This minimises the amount of trimming, which ultimately reduces green waste.

2. Minimise the Natural Lawn Size

We all are aware of the fact that natural grass lawn requires an ample amount of water and maintenance.

Thus, you can think of replacing it with artificial turf. This looks a lot like natural grass and can enhance the look of your lawn. Moreover, you will not have to deal with weeds growing around your space.

3. Opt For Low Maintenance Plants

One of the best ways to reduce the amount of garden waste is opting for succulents, native plants and slow-growing shrubs. These plants require less pruning which ultimately produces less waste. Also, you would not have to spend much time on garden maintenance. These plants require less water to flourish, helping you even reduce your water bill.

4. Grasscycling

Grasscycling is one of the best ways to manage the quantity of green waste your garden produces. It involves recycling or composting the grass clippings right on your lawn itself. This process produces mulch which can be used to provide great nutrition for your plants. Regular grasscycling significantly reduces fertiliser costs and usage.

5. Composting

Apart from making mulch from grass clippings, you can compost it to turn them into a useful fertiliser. You can also add food and other garden waste to the compost pile. Just make sure your compost pile is slightly damp and air can flow through it. After a while, the pile will decompose and become a nutritious fertiliser which you can reuse in your garden.

6. Vermicomposting

Another great way to reduce green waste is vermicomposting. This is a special kind of composting which uses worms to create compost out of food waste. This process is ideal for the people generating lots of food waste but doesn’t have enough space for composting.

Hire a Skip Bin – To Properly Dispose Your Garden Waste

Obviously, the best way to reduce garden waste is to avoid producing so much in the first place. However, there always will be some amount of garden waste to dispose. It’s best to hire a skip bin to remove your green waste.

Sometimes, the generated green waste won’t fit in the council’s standard bins. Fortunately, you still have other convenient options to get rid of your excessive green waste. Simply call Kwik Bins and hire a skip bin. Yes, it’s that easy.

Advantages of Hiring A Garden Skip Bin

1. To ensure that your plants flourish and grow stronger, you will need to trim and prune them every now and then. This leaves you with a considerable amount of green waste. While you can certainly choose to compose it, a better and easier way is to hire a skip bin. We can deliver it at your location and all you need to do is simply fill it. Once filled, they will collect the bin and take it to the nearest recycling spot. There are several important uses of hiring a skip bin in Melbourne at affordable rates from Kwik Bins along with classifying and determining the right size of the bins.

2. Over time, your garden will build up twigs, small branches and dead leaves. Hiring skip bin is the easiest way to dispose of dead foliage and grass clippings. Skip bins can make your garden maintenance task quite easier.

3. Skip bin hire in Melbourne is the most convenient and cost-effective way to get rid of green waste. You don’t need to worry about composting or transporting your garden waste to a recycling depot. Skip bins can help you save time and money.

4. Instead of taking your waste to landfills, skip bin companies take it to a recycling depot for composting. This compost is later used in parks, agriculture, sports ground, etc.

5. Skip bin hire allows you to dispose of your garden waste in an environmentally-friendly manner. It doesn’t allow you to maintain your garden easily but also make your surroundings to be more environmentally sustainable.

What You Can Put In Your Skip Bin?

  • Flowers
  • Grass clippings
  • Leaves
  • Small pruning
  • Twigs
  • Weeds
  • Small branches (contact your local council to check size requirements)

What You Cannot Put In Your Skip Bin?

  • No synthetic grass
  • Brick, soil, tiles, concrete, sand, stone, rock, pebbles
  • Hazardous materials (asbestos, empty chemical containers, liquids, food, etc.)
  • Garden waste in plastic bags
  • Gardening tools and hoses
  • Large tree trunks and roots


There are numerous ways to reduce and remove garden waste. Grasscycling, composting and vermicomposting are great ways to manage green waste. Alternatively, you can hire a skip bin to get rid of your garden waste. It allows you to tend your plants as they grow. Moreover, you can save your valuable time and money.

For reliable and affordable skip bin hire in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs, look no further than Kwik Bins. Simply contact us to schedule a delivery and pickup. Our team can help you select the right skip bins to get rid of your garden waste. We’ll take care of disposing of your green waste in an environmentally-friendly manner. Thus, you no more have to worry about making a smelly compost pile in your beautiful garden.

Call us on 1800 766 246 and book a garden skip bin today!

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